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We believe if you're going to do something, you should do it right. We are perfectionists who love our work and constantly subject our products to a critical eye. We are eager to learn and hungry for success. We are flexible and resilient. Granted, it's all about microsurgical instruments – but it is this drive to perfection that leads our customers to choose our products time and time again.

We still produce every one of our instruments 100% by hand in an industrial park in Germany. Where we can react immediately to any quality issues and ensure that each instrument gets the final touches it requires. We expect ourselves and our materials to be precise up to one one-hundredth of a millimetre.

Certified Excellence

We have had our processes tested by outside agencies and have successfully obtained all relevant certifications in the industry. This way you can be certain that our processes, our background and the resulting product will meet the highest international requirements.

Zertifiziertes QM SystemClick here to download out latest ISO 13485 certificate (pdf)

We can't do anything 1,000% better. But we can do a thousand things 1% better...

World capital of Medicine

Tuttlingen is home to the best of the best. To practise here, you need to put in the maximum effort.

And close-by to Tuttlingen, the world capital of medicine, is Neuhausen ob Eck, the rural town in southern Germany we're headquartered. Both the existing infrastructure and the available labour supply here provide the perfect conditions for our company's continued success. In and around Tuttlingen, we have access to a concentration of outstanding service providers and professional experts.

Alongside a number of other companies, we are thus in constant competition with the best of the best, a situation that constantly drives us to our maximum possible performance. With our team of experts with many years of experience and well-established work processes, we produce high-quality instruments almost around the clock that are used everywhere in the world.

About us

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