To manufacture microsurgical instruments, we use a large number of processes that we have come to master better than anyone else. Certified quality in all of our processes and strict quality controls make our instruments reliable and high-quality tools for the practise of medicine.

Grinding & Polishing

Our instruments are meticulously hand-crafted for our customers with up to one-hundredth of a millimetre precision. We are proud to say that we have next to zero rejects and almost no customer complaints. S&R Instruments only entrusts the most experienced and long-serving employees with this task. The subsequent quality controls are the final touch that ensures almost complete prevention of errors.

Laser Welding

Laser Beam welding (EN ISO 4063: Process 52) is mainly used for welding narrower and more slender components that must be assembled with high welding speed to prevent low thermal distortion. Laser welding is usually done without adding additional material.

S&R also does large laser welding jobs for other companies on a project basis. We will be pleased to submit a bid for our services.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding was developed in the U.S. in 1936 and is a kind of argon arc welding. The method offers a number of advantages over other fusion welding processes. In conjunction with TIG pulse welding and TIG AC welding, any melting weldable material can be added. There is virtually no spatter in TIG welding and the risks caused by inhaling welding fumes is relatively low. A particular advantage of TIG welding is that it does not require a consumable electrode, thus decoupling the addition of filler metal and the current strength. The welder can tailor the welding current to the welding task and only needs to add as much filler as required. This makes the method particularly suitable for welding root passes and positional welding. Due to the relatively small-scale and low heat input, the distortion to the piece caused by the welding is less than with other methods. Due to the high-quality welds, the TIG process is the preferred method when quality is more important than speed.

Custom Instruments

You design it, we make it. Based on a sketch or some other drawing, we will manufacture samples ready for serial production or end products that take into account any special requests you might have.

Manufacturing to your Sample

You provide us a sample instrument and we'll manufacture it to the last precise detail. Even improvements and expansions are possible.

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